Simple Small House Design Ideas For Ideal Family - This small house has a simple appearance but looks charming. This tiny house is suitable if used for those of you who have a small family or just married. Because it has a small size then you can design it with the right design so that the appearance of the house looks bigger and charming. You can see the details below hope it can inspire you.

Facade Design 

The appearance of the facade of the house using a combination of white and gray makes the appearance look charming. This simple and neat building line makes the appearance of the facade of the house more attractive. There are garden lights with a unique design to add to the decoration of the facade of the house. A house that is also equipped with a glass door with a simple design using a gray frame becomes a more modern look.

House Side Design 

The appearance of the house looks like the side of the house by using a large glass window with a black frame to make the look modern. In addition to looking beautiful this house also presents a garden edge with a horizontal shape so that it can make a fresh look. This house also uses a gable roof so that it can maximize the circulation of air that enters the house.

Living Room 

You can use this simple living room to be a comfortable room and to create warmth. The living room using a white chair set looks charming. The living room is also equipped with a TV attached to a beautiful motif backdrop. You can also add shelves that are used as storage. This unique lamp and carpet design can also add aesthetic value to your living room.

Dining Room 

This luxurious dining room can make the look of the house more attractive. Dining room with a large enough size can maximize its function. The dining room is also equipped with a large enough lamp with a low height will make the atmosphere becomes warmer. By using this unique table can increase the aesthetic value of your home.

Kitchen Design 

The dining area, which is close to the kitchen, has a cozy look. You can use the kitchen with a matching color kitchen set so it looks attractive. The kitchen of this house is also equipped with a large window so that it maximizes the lighting and circulation that enters the House. So as to make the room not stale or smelly.

Mini Bar Outdoor

A unique look is presented in this tiny house. There is a mini bar located outdoors that makes the atmosphere more comfortable and warm when gathering with friends or relatives. The Mini bar is also equipped with a roof deck that can protect from rain. Mini bar that uses a high chair with a charming design looks beautiful and attractive.

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