Simple House Design 7 x 8 M (56 sqm) With 3 Bedroom - Home design with a simple look can make the appearance look more attractive. Home design that uses a simple look you can present by using neutral colors such as white, gray, cream, etc. A house with a simple design makes the design of the house more attractive. If you like home design with a simple concept then you can see this article. Simple house design size 6 x 7 M equipped with 3 comfortable bedrooms. For more details please see the explanation below.

Facade Design 

The facade of the house using this simple color makes the look more attractive. This combination of white and Gray makes the look more charming. The facade of the house, which is equipped with gray doors and glass windows using white frames, looks elegant. In addition you can plant green plants in front of the window that will make the view cooler.

House Side Design 

Building a house using a simple view is seen from the corner of the building. The appearance of the house looks like this side looks like a house that is equipped with windows that can be opened and closed using a white frame so that it looks beautiful in combination with light gray wall paint. The appearance of the house looks sideways there are also paths that are made around the house so that it can be a unique impression and add to home decor.

Living Room Design 

Enter the house there is a living room using the letter L. The living room using a warm colored sofa bed makes the atmosphere more comfortable. The combination of cream and brown colors looks harmonious and beautiful. The living room is also equipped with a table with a unique design.

Dining Room and Kitchen 

Right behind the roar of the guests there is a dining room and kitchen that merge into one room. The dining room uses a predominance of white with a modern glass table. As for the kitchen, the design is chosen with a letter L shape that makes the display more spacious and does not take up much space. This kitchen also uses a clean white color and looks neat.

Master Bedroom Design 

This master bedroom uses a minimalist and comfortable look. The use of neutral colors makes the look wider. For bedding is selected using gray and cream colors. While on the bed choose wallpaper with a soft leaf motif so that it can be a vocal point. In order not to look empty you can put wall hangings such as paintings or wall decor.

Bedroom With Workplace 

If you want to create a productive but limited room will be the room then the design of the room as above can be a solution. This bed features a comfortable workspace. The bedroom is on the top floor while the lower area can be used as a workspace. The appearance of this room has a predominance of blue color and natural wood material.

Bedroom Feminine

For girls bedroom room design as above can be an option. Bedrooms with brighter colors are preferred by women. The combination of white with pink and light green makes the look more colorful. This bedroom is also equipped with a study that is placed in the corner of the room so it does not take up much space.

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