Minimalist and Modern House Design You'll Love (5 x 7,5 meters), Compact yet Super Cozy!


Minimalist and Modern House Design You'll Love (5 x 7,5 meters), Compact yet Super Cozy! -- Don't worry if you have a minimalist lot; you can still build a comfortable home with an attractive design even with a 5 x 7.5 meter building area. "Minimalist and Modern House Design You'll Love (5 x 7.5 meters), Compact yet Super Cozy!" can serve as inspiration for building your dream tiny house. The following house has two bedrooms and one bathroom. Are you interested in the outcome? Keep an eye out!



Front View


The exterior of this house is, of course, the most important aspect that we will discuss first. This small house employs a modern minimalist concept, including a semi-outdoor terrace and a box roof, both of which are typical of today's modern concept. 

This house has a minimalist garden in the yard with paths and smooth green grass, as well as several potted plants placed throughout the house. The wood motifs on the floors and walls create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The windows and doors are made of glass and have black frames.

Terrace and Dining Area

This house's design is quite epic, with a terrace on the side of the house. The terrace is designed to extend all the way around the back of the house. Not only are chairs for the terrace provided, but the living room is also integrated with the terrace. As a result, the sofa set and living table can be seen in this area. Gray is the neutral color used in this sofa set, which is accented with some adorable colored cushions on the side. Don't forget about the extra carpet, which will add to the homey feel.

Then, next to this sofa set, a semi-outdoor dining room is created. Isn't that an interesting concept? You can enjoy the fresh air outside with your family while eating.


Small but mighty. Yes, that is the minimalist kitchen concept in this house. Despite being in a small space, this small kitchen has maximum functionality as well as a neat design. Using an L-shaped kitchen set to maximize space. Cabinets are also maximized at the kitchen's bottom and top. 

Having a cooktop in the kitchen set makes the kitchen appear more organized. A 2-door refrigerator can be placed next to this kitchen set. This kitchen still uses warm earthy tones and white to give the impression of a larger space. To avoid monotony, the refrigerator, stove, sink, and some other items are black in color and are not easily dirty.



Enter the discussion of the house's sole bathroom. Of course, because this is a bathroom that will be used by all residents of the house, it should be designed in a way that is pleasing to the eye and comfortable for all. When we first enter the bathroom, we notice that it is divided into two sections: the dry area with a sink and the wet area with a closet. The following area is the shower. A transparent glass partition separates these two areas. 

The walls of the bathroom are monochromatic, with white ceramic squares. A combination of wooden walls and floors is used in the shower area. Wood motif tiles or SPC types that are more durable than real wood can be used.

Then, beneath the sink, you can place a minimalist cabinet to store toiletries such as extra towels, soap stock, and so on. A large mirror box at the sink adds to the modern minimalist feel of this bathroom.

 Master Bedroom


Finally, we arrive at the bedroom review. The master bedroom will be the first topic we will cover. The master bedroom is designed to be larger than the other room. This room is very comfortable for you and your partner to use because it has a king size springbed. There is a set of desk chairs for work next to the bed. 

Then, to maximize storage, a long shelf is built at the top of the bed, as shown in the photo, along with an additional cabinet. You can store various book collections or your favorite items on this shelf. Then there's a large glass window on the side of the bed that leads to the side of the house, which is great for air circulation and maximum lighting.



Bedroom No. 2


We'll then go over the second room. This slightly smaller room can be used as a child's or guest room. Using a comfortable single bed in a blue-toned room suitable for all genders. The design is also minimalist, with the addition of a wardrobe, chairs, and a small table for studying on the side of the bed. This room is directly adjacent to the front terrace and is separated by a glass sliding door. Consequently, ventilation and lighting are both good.



 3D Floor Plan


Finally, here is how this house's 3D floor plan appears. This house measures approximately 8 x 8 meters when measured as a whole, including the semi-outdoor section. 

The main structure measures 5 x 7.5 meters. This house has wood-patterned floors throughout the building area, as can be seen. The resulting brown color makes this house feel cozy and welcoming. Then you can see how, despite the lack of land, this house can still feel beautiful by placing several plants in each corner of the room. so that the atmosphere and air are cleaner. Are you interested in giving it a shot?

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