Amazing Tiny House with Loft Bedroom (4 x 6 meters), Affordable Design!


Amazing Tiny House with Loft Bedroom (4 x 6 meters), Affordable Design! -- A small and comfortable house is a dream for some people. Loft-style homes are becoming increasingly popular. Are you looking for designs like this? Then "Amazing Tiny House with Loft Bedroom (4 x 6 meters), Affordable Design!" is exactly what you're looking for. Are you curious about the review? Let's check it out!

Facade Design

This 4 x 6 meter house features a minimalist facade design. Simple and lacking in ornamentation, this house has a clean appearance. This house has a gable roof, which has a simple appearance and is also cost - efficient. This house also has a lot of window openings, which helps with air circulation in the house. The color scheme in this home is white with warm wood brown accents.

Living Room


Because the available land is limited, the living room in this house is minimalist. This soft sofa with letter L model and soft cushion is extremely comfortable to use. Right in front of the sofa is a wooden cabinet with many drawers for storage. The television is mounted on the wall. This area can also be used for resting. There is a fairly large window as a vent beside the sofa, as well as two wall decorations beside it.

Kitchen and Dining Area


Because of the small size of this house, the room in this house implements the concept of open space. The open space concept reduces the use of room dividers, making the house appear larger. The kitchen and dining area are adjacent to the living room. The dining table is situated near the window. 

The kitchen set is arranged in an L-shaped layout, which gives the kitchen a neat appearance. Aside from being attractive, the L shape layout allows you to move around more freely while cooking. A laundry room and a bathroom are located behind the kitchen.



The concept of a loft area expands the size of your home. For example, in a one-bedroom house like this one. With a warm white and brown color palette, this loft bedroom feels minimalist. This room has a bed, a wardrobe, a mirror, and other furniture such as a work desk. The loft is less spacious than the ground floor. The void design can make the ground floor feel lighter and less stuffy.



Finally, we'll take a look at the bathroom in this house. The white marble motif ceramics used throughout the room give this bathroom a luxurious appearance. The white color makes the room appear larger. Between the sink, closet, and shower, the arrangement is made into a single line. The use of ornaments is also restrained. A large mirror with an elegant gold frame hangs above the sink.

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