4 X 5 M (20 sqm) Tiny House Design With Bedroom and Roof Deck


Homlovely.com - If you have a house with a small size then you can design it with a charming look and certainly looks spacious. This house with a size of 4 x 5 M is a small house. For houses with small sizes, you should be able to apply the interior of the house with a minimalist design with not many details. Because if you use a lot of interior with a lot of details, it will make the house look cramped and untidy. If you are looking for inspiration for a small house with a modern look and a roof deck then hopefully this article can help. 

Facade Design 

The facade of the house that uses a combination of natural wood colors combined with white makes the appearance more charming. The facade of this house looks spacious even though it has a small building area but with the right design it can make it look bigger. In the appearance of the facade of this house, it deliberately adds a wooden motif in a horizontal shape so that it can become a vocal point. 

House Side Design 

The side view of the house has a minimalist look with simple building corners. In order to display a unique atmosphere around this house, garden stones with round shapes are placed so that the house becomes more beautiful. You can also add plants to the edge of the house with a beautiful flower garden so that it will add decoration to your house. 

Roof Deck  Design 

This roof deck design has a minimalist and simple look. You only need to make the stairs in a circular shape so it won't take up much space. Stairs with white color will make the appearance more charming. Meanwhile, the roof deck is utilized as a relaxing area by adding a chair set complete with a table. So it can be used as a gathering place in the afternoon or morning. 

Porch Design 

This 20 sqm house has a large foyer. This porch can be used to welcome guests before entering the house. You can use a light blue sofa bed combined with wooden chairs and a table with matching colors. Around this porch is utilized as a vertical garden, this can be a solution for those of you who do not have a large area to create a garden. 

Floor Plan 

This 4 X 5 M (20 sqm) Tiny House Design With Bedroom and Roof Deck. The house consists of a porch with a size 11,93 sqm, living room, dining room and kitchen in 6,5 sqm, toilet and bath in 3.00 sqm, and bedroom with a size 7.5 sqm. 

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