7 Stunning Landscaping Ideas For Your Outdoor Space


7 Stunning Landscaping Ideas For Your Outdoor Space


Homlovely.com --  Do you have an empty lot near your house? Simply transform it into a cool and lovely green landscape. Aside from being visually appealing, this landscape also helps to keep your home cooler. Fresh air definitely makes us healthier and more refreshed. Don't worry, these "7 Stunning Landscaping Ideas For Your Outdoor Space" will help you create a beautiful and enchanting landscape for your home. Are you interested? Let's check this out!

Cozy Traditional Gazebo


The first landscape design goal is to transform your home's empty land into a comfortable, relaxing space. You can use the image above as a guide. The yard is transformed into a cool green garden with fine grass and a collection of your favorite plants, whether in front or behind the house. Then, in a corner of the property, you can construct a relaxing area, such as a shady wooden gazebo, where you can relax with your family. 

Landscape of a Tropical Garden



It's like being in a sunny, fresh tropical setting. You can create a tropical-themed landscape in your home. Tropical gardens are typically distinguished by the presence of various tropical plants such as palms, shrubs, and ferns. You can make this landscape by creating a natural stone design that is twisted and adding a path. Simply sprinkle fine grass on the ground to make it greener. 

Landscape Design for The Side of the House With a Canopy


This design is ideal for those who want a protected landscape. By using a canopy, your plants will still receive natural lighting while avoiding rainwater damage. Aside from the area under the canopy, you can add garden chairs to relax with loved ones. Because land is scarce, this landscape, as seen in the image above, employs the concept of vertical gardening. 

Green and Refreshing Terrace



Following that, you can design a landscape for the front of the house as well as the terrace. Create a green garden in your yard using flower pots and various green plants. On the empty lawn, use green grass and then add a small path. You can build the path out of wood, stone, or paving blocks, depending on your preferences. Plants in hanging pots can also be used to make your terrace greener and cooler. 



Minimalist Landscape with Shelves


If you don't have a lot of land, you can try this landscape design. Make a dry garden, for example, on the balcony or front and back porches. Real fine grass or synthetic grass carpet can be used. Then, as shown in the image above, you can place your plant collection on the shelf. Isn't that cool? 

Aesthetic Walkway


The following landscape concept is to create a landscape on the vacant land next to your house. This area next to the house is usually overlooked. despite the fact that it can be made more functional and beautiful, as shown in the image above. With the addition of various green plants and colorful flowers, the land has been transformed into a lovely walkway. Paving blocks can be used as a walkway, or wood and stone can be used as an alternative to other walkways. 

A beautiful landscape with a Zen garden concept


This is another landscape design that you should try. It is a little difficult to find a suitable design for our home. If you like Japanese or oriental-style concepts, this is the one for you. With the zen garden concept, you can transform unused land at home into a garden. With bonsai and koi fish ponds, this concept emphasizes the natural impression of green. This idea will undoubtedly make your home feel more unique and stunning.

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