Six Living Room Design Ideas Perfect for Apartment Dwellers - Stand out your living room, even if the size is small or limited. Although living in an apartment wherever mostly has small sizes, you can use wise design for comfort areas. Then, look to these Six Living Room Design Ideas Perfect for Apartment Dwellers. Check it out!

Living room near the garden or outdoor area


If your apartment has a green area or outdoor area, you can use it to place the plants. Especially if this place is located near the living room, you can make it an open-concept area. Besides can bring more sunlight to the living room, plants in the space area can bring a fresh and natural ambiance.

Get an open concept for an apartment living room


By the way, if you haven't an outdoor area or space area at an apartment, you can still use the open concept. It can make the living room look bigger and more spacious. 

Give a barrier to separate the living room and the next room for privacy. Use a moveable barrier or dining table for a simple and not make a cramped accent.

The colorful living room makes an alive nuance


Throw boring designs in your apartment living room. You can design it with a colorful theme for an alive and pleasant atmosphere. Such mix and match the color between the interior of the living room with stuff.

Use the wood floor for a warm living room


If you still use white for the interior hues, you can combine it with wood material for the floor. Besides can make a pretty design, it also can bring warm nuance to your small living room. 

Use combine these two colors for your furniture and other stuff in the living room. That can make you feel comfortable to stay.

Elegant apartment living room with gold touch


Another way, you can combine your bright living room with gold hues. Be it the stuff, interior, or lamps. The gold color known can bring elegant and fancy effects if you use it correctly.

Minimalist design gets a comfortable living room


Using minimalist stuff and a simple design in the apartment living room can keep you away from complicated things.  

Make the furniture use a measure the size that is suitable to place in the living room area. Then, you can minimize stuff or other ornaments to avoid cramped rooms in your dwellings.

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