7 Staircase Ideas That Will Elevate Your Home's Design

 Homlovely.com - We all know that staircase serve the function at home with have two floors or more. But, it can be getting boring with monotonous staircase design like we mostly found. 

You can look to these 7 Staircase Ideas That Will Elevate Your Home's Design for new inspiration. Let's check it out!

Beautiful staircase with flowers wallpaper


Monotonous staircase can decorate with install the carpet or wallpaper. With the around use bright hues, you can make the staircase use dark wallpaper. You also can make the wallpaper use little pattern like flowers to get pretty and alive ambience.

Get gray carpet along the staircase


Besides wallpaper, you can cover the staircase with gray rug. Not cover all the steps, you can cover the center of the step of the staircase for pretty and elegant vibes.

Floating staircase with under lighting


Modern style can bring pretty and future vibes. You can design the staircase with floating style to get the modern vibes. Then, install the hidden lamps under the railing or step of the staircase as lighting. It perfect at night when the main lighting is off.

Wood staircase with black design


Still in floating concept, you can create the staircase with wood material. Then, combine it with dark color for mysterious and elegant ambience. 

Unique curvy staircase


If you wanna unique concept at home, you can adapt the curvy staircase. Like the picture, the curvy staircase brings future and modern atmosphere. Install the railing on the wall at the side of the staircase for safety.

Pretty staircase with bathroom under it


Maybe space area under the staircase can use for functional room. Such use for bathroom or warehouse or other. Then, make the lighting around the staircase get bright and avoid from dark accent. You can use unique hang lamps or string light along the staircase for fairy concept.

Feel spacious with bright hues around the staircase


Although you have a narrow staircase at home, you can design it into a great area. Like cover the staircase with wallpaper or carpet. And you also can makeover around the staircase with white hues or bright hues for bigger look. It also can avoid the space around staircase from cramped spot.

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