6 Beautiful Dining Rooms Designed with Intimate Entertaining in Mind

 Homlovely.com - Not only at restaurant or café to enjoy stunning and stylish food spot. You can design your dining room at home with stylish to get enjoy your meals. 

And here we have a little of 6 Beautiful Dining Rooms Designed with Intimate Entertaining in Mind. Check it out!

Stunning dining room for apartment


If you live in an apartment, commonly you will not find a dining room. Then, you can make own dining room near the kitchen or other space area. Using open concept, kitchen that located after living room have little spot. 

And you can use it to place dining table. Design the dining table with stylish and gorgeous in this apartment.

Natural view at side of dining room


Kitchen and dining room that located in one area can make easy to design and decorated. Connect this area with outside view by using transparent windows. It can make you feel in nature by looking the plants and other at outside.

Small dining room with warm design


Don't worry about the small dining room. You can design it with warm and calm ambience. Like use round table and simple chairs at this dining room. 

Then, you can make unique hang lamps above it as main lighting. You also can make the furniture use glossy materials and similar hues with around for stunning design.

Fresh green floral theme


Located in same area with kitchen, you can put the dining table in perfect spot. Then, decorate this room with green and floral pattern for stunning and stylish. Not all the room use floral, you can let empty the wall and put some plants around that can help to make good condition this area.

Tiny dining room in space


Small room that use for kitchen and living room can make spacious and saving more space. But, what about dining room? Don't worry, you can take space area between kitchen and living room for dining room. Put measured dining table at this area and design it nicely to get comfort spot.

Get rug under dining table


Get stylish in your small dining room by place the rug under the dining table. You can make the rug use similar color or pattern with around to get stylish and gorgeous design.

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