7 Impressive Planter DIY Ideas To Decorate Our Walls In Nature

 Homlovely.com - Get planter at home maybe can bring tidy and pretty looks. Like at the indoor or outdoor area, they look wonderful. Here we have 7 Impressive Planter DIY Ideas To Decorate Our Walls In Nature. Check it out!

Hang Old Stuff for Plant's Place


Do you have old furniture at home? Maybe you have it and was at a loss as to what the old stuff was for. You can reuse them for decoration at home. Hang the old furniture like chairs, small table or rack. And use it for planter or as rack at your home area. 

Surround the Wall with Hang Clay Pot


If you have a lot of potted plants, you can arrange them with nicely at garden area. But, what if we have limited land to pace the pot? Don't worry, you can hang them on the wall or make a vertical garden at your home. Simple like that. Just arrange nicely to get pretty looks.

Plant Mailbox


Get mailbox concept to hang our plants at home. You can use wood or plastic or old stuff to create the mailbox. It's up to you. Then, put plants like succulent, flowers, and other in this mailbox as planter. Hang this DIY planter on the wall that can bring a gorgeous accent.

Gorgeous Hang Potted Plants


Other way, hang the potted plants on the wall can use for all conditions. It depends on the condition of home or garden. And if you have white color at the wall, you can make the pot of plants uses contrast, like black, red, blue, or clay pot color. Last, arrange them with nicely to get pretty and avoid lush or messy accent.

Planter DIY with Letter


This DIY planter look unique and can try at your home or garden area. Use letter to grow plants. You can make the letter arrange with nicely and arrange until good and result any word or form that you want. Hang this DIY planter at indoor or outdoor area depends on the plant's type that grow in this planter.

DIY Mug for Planter


I believe, all of us have an old mug or a broken mug at home. Rather than discarded, you can reuse them for home decoration. Like use it for planter at your garden area. 

Coloring the mug for the first if you wanna stunning design. Then, grow plants at this mug and hang them on the wall or put at the windowsill or other area.

Pretty Planter Design at Side of Pool


Empty fence or wall at side of pool area maybe can add some ornaments for decoration. You can make vertical garden or hang unique plants at this wall area. Then, add some hidden lamp behind or edge of hang planter on the wall. It can look pretty while in night.

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Editor : Munawaroh

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