Why You Should Maintain any Large Tree in Front of Your House

 Homlovely.com - A large tree located at the front of the house is often considered a nuisance and is dangerous to the occupants of the house. In fact, this large plant also has benefits. No wonder many people are still maintaining a large tree in front of their house.

Although large, the tree in front of the house still needs to get treatment so that it can provide benefits to you as the inhabitants of the house. What benefits can you get by maintaining a large tree in front of your home?

A Shady Parking Area


It turns out that the area under the big tree can be used as a shady parking area. Make the area under the tree as a temporary parking lot, and not permanent. It’s just that unfortunately, any weathered tree trunk  could fall on your car and cause damage.

A Large Tree as a Source of Clean and Fresh Air


Trees and other plants are a source of oxygen that is needed by other living things. Large trees in front of your house also serves as a source of oxygen which is then flown to places around it, including your home.

Family Picnic Spot

In addition to a temporary parking lot, the area under the tree can be used as a family picnic spot. When the kids want to do outdoor activities such as picnics, this area is well suited for your use.


You just need to organize and add additional properties needed at outdoor events. The location is close to home will not make you bother setting things up.

Useful for Outdoor Events


You and your family are the type who like camping or a barbecue? If so, hold the event in the shade of a large tree in front of your house. Occasionally take your kids to enjoy the nature that can be started from home environment first.

A Place to Relax and Playground for Children

A large tree in front of your house can also be used as an area to relax. You can build a gazebo right under the tree. The gazebo can be used as a comfortable place to relax with loved ones. In addition, not far from the gazebo, you can also build a mini playground for your children.


In order for the large trees in your home area do not compromise the safety of your home, do actions like pruning the branches and twigs of trees that could potentially fall and routinely cleaning of the home yard which is filled with dry leaves falling.

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