Here's How To Properly Plant And Care For Peace Lily Plants - Peace lily is a perennial and tropical evergreen that easy to grow. You can make this plants put at your indoor that can use as decoration or make healthy the air. Look, Here's How To Properly Plant And Care For Peace Lily Plants. Check it out!

Get Plant the Peace Lily


Peace lily can plant in well draining, all-purpose soil, and grow in water alone. This allows the roots to grow into the water while keeping leaves from being constantly submersed. 

For a peace lily that outgrows the pot, you can either transfer it into a slightly larger container or divide it into smaller plants. 

And other option, you can spread the peace lily seeds on a thin layer of moss on top of the soil and cover it to lock the humidity. Use bottom watering to keep the soil moist. See the sprouts in about 10 days.

How to Get Peace Lily to Flower


For growing flowers of the peace lily, you can fertilize in every 6 weeks starting in late winter to encourage spring or summer growth. 

If the peace lily blossom in feeble looking or sparse in quantity, it due to a lack of phosphorus in your fertilizer. 

And if the peace lily buds come out green, it could indicate that you're using too much fertilizer.

Care the Peace Lily


This houseplant can thrive in high humidity and indirect sunlight. So, you can place them in a warm, shaded area. They can require constant moisture and should be watered every week, can grow in temperature above 70 degrees F. 


And peace lily can tolerate in short periods of dry soil, but can't survive in cold, dry environments or drafty area. Beware of critters that can be harmful for peace lily. 

They can include with scale bugs and mealybugs. You can wipe down the plant's leaves with sudsy water or insecticidal soap until any sign of the nuisance is gone.

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