7 Balcony Rail Planter Ideas

 Homlovely.com - Balcony is the area that quite precious in urban living area. You can do many activities at balcony like enjoy the weather, reading books, and other. Complete the balcony with garden or plants, maybe can bring fresh and natural atmosphere. And here we have some of 7 Balcony Rail Planter Ideas. Let's check it out!

Used Container for Balcony Planter


Used container at home can utilize into useful things. Like reuse it for stuff place or pot at your garden area. You also can use this container to grow the plants at balcony. Firstly, make clean and design with nicely. Make the container use similar color and design for pretty accent. Then, hang it at the railing in the balcony area. Grow varieties plants at the container for pretty balcony garden.

Hang Your Wood Planter at Balcony Railing


Growing varieties of plants or many plants in one place can use a long or large pot. You can make own pot from wood material into long pot. Then, grow the plants or veggies in this pot. Then, you can hang it at balcony railing. Besides can make simple and efficient, it can help you to avoid messy and narrow balcony.

Make Steps Style for the Wood Planter for Interest


Maybe using wood pot as hang planter at balcony is mostly found. Then, you can make different design with using steps or stairs style for the balcony planter like at the picture. Besides make unique, it can make easy to care the plants.

Nice Balcony Planter with Woven Style


Other way make aesthetic your balcony planter with woven pot. You can choose the pot, use plastic or artificial rattan for the material. And make select the pot, use white or neutral color for clean and pretty looks.

Colorful Plants in Balcony with Hang Planter


Grow colorful flowers and attractive plants for pretty and comfy in the balcony. You can grow the plants and flowers at pot and hang them at railing or ceiling. Use a pot that fits with the plant and flower to improve the looks. Set up them that can bring enjoyable ambience.

Put Mini Planter in Large Container


If you have grown the plant at mini pot, you can make them get in one place. Used container that design and decorated nicely can utilize as container for mini potted plants. Then, hang them on railing or pallets for pretty and simple looks.

Hang Potted Fibers Make Natural Vibes


Make different your balcony planter with fibers. You can make the fibers as pot of plants that hang at the railing. With the iron or buffer hang at the railing, you can fill with the fibers. Then, put the plants that grow in a mini pot above the fibers. And looks, you have natural ambience at balcony.

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