Useful Feng Shui Tips for Your Stores and Other Business Places - Feng Shui, as a Chinese traditional architecture science can be applied in any building, starting from houses, offices, up to stores. If you plant to build a store, you should know several things  about the Feng Shui of your store so that positive energy comes to develop your business. Here are some Feng Shui tips for stores:


Do not put cabinets or furniture blocking you to see the entrance, as this will hinder the entry of Chi energy into your store. In addition, the placement of display products should also be made meandering instead of straight. With this layout, the visitors’ traffic will be split so that they will be more interested in your products.


Lighting is very important for your store. Make sure you have adequate lighting so that visitors feel comfortable. Make sure that it is not too bright because some products such as paintings or antiques are very sensitive to light. And to add to the harmonious lighting, you can use bright colors for the walls of your store.


Another thing you should try on your new store is  installing a small door bell. A small bell clinking is believed to make people who hear it feel relaxed. Every time customers enter your store, they will hear the bells that have an effect on the feeling of comfort and calm while shopping. In addition, Chinese people believe that  door bell is able to attract customers. In the science of Feng Shui, the door bell produces Chi energy which is very useful for the smooth running of your business.


In addition to the door bell, the Chinese people also believe in the importance to put mirrors in their stores. Keep in mind that the mirror can be placed anywhere around the store, but not dealing directly with the entrance, because it may reflect all the energy that goes outside.


Let the energy enter your store freely, and reflect it as much as possible using the mirrors. For instance, you can put a mirror on the pillar  inside the store or in the  cabinets around the walls of the store. In that way, all your stuff will be reelected and give a good effect for prosperity.


If you want to add decoration to the area of ​​the store, there are several types of decoration that can give a positive effect to your store, such as fish paintings, ornaments or statues of the three-legged frog, and so on. Try to put them in a place which easily visible from all corners of the store. The way you organize the contents of the store is very influential on your business continuity. And with some Feng Shui tips above, you are expected to make it easier to promote your business in the future.

Author : Yuniar

Editor : Munawaroh

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