Tips to Makeover Your Dining Room into a New Fresh Atmosphere

Cozy Dining Room with Round Table - Remodeling a dining room can be done due to some reasons, e.g. the space is too cramped, boring, and impersonal. Those reasons often become the main cause for renovating a dining room. Here are several tips on how to renovate a dining room effectively:

Add and Reduce Accessories

An easy way to change the formal dining room as quickly as possible into something more casual is to add and reduce a few trinkets. One easy way is worth a try is adding a mirror. Mirrors can open up the space and give a little reflection of light on the items inside the dining room.


Additionally, you can put up a window made ​​of light and colored materials. And, you can also remove some heavy trinkets and add some light focal points so that the room will feel more spacious and relaxing.

Round Table


Most furniture of formal dining room has a rectangular shape which is large, long and angular. There is no harm if this year you consider using a round dining table. Unlike the rectangular tables, round tables have the impression that all people can exchange views while eating. Round dining tables will make your dining atmosphere become more intimate and cozy.

Sit Back and Relax


Most formal dining room furniture is dark and covered in fabric so that it looks ancient. It is now your time to have a little brighter color so that the room looks more casual and relaxing. And, instead of using silk materials for upholstery cushion, it is better to use a coating that is not too fancy. Besides saving money, it will also make your guests not too worried about sitting in your dining room

Informal Lighting


Most formal dining room arrangement uses fancy lights such as chandeliers. Unfortunately this makes inadequate lighting for the room. If the problem is about a room that is too dim, try adding corner lights, installing wall sconces candle or placing a few candles spread throughout the room. Besides providing sufficient lighting, it also adds an elegant, warm and decorative impression.



The most important thing is that you don’t have to own a whole set of formal dining room furniture. You can combine and mix-match some dining room accessories. For instance, use conventional cutlery with a slightly funky placemats. You can also create something that is out of the main function. For example, you can use the buffet as a bookcase or store unique knickknacks instead of the plates. Personalizing the dining room is an important step in making the room feels safe, inviting, and complete.

Now you can start opening your magazines or surfing the internet for dining room remodeling ideas. Bring all of the good and relaxing feels into your dining room and be ready to welcome your best dining room design. Good luck.

Author : Yuniar

Editor : Munawaroh

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