Stimulating Appetite With the Colors Red and Yellow

Contemporary Colorful Dining Room Decor - Color is a primary element in interior designs which determines the mood of a room. It can be used to create an atmosphere of space that result in the increase of our stimuli on certain things, e.g. food.

Red and yellow are colors that can stimulate appetite. Not surprisingly, these colors are chosen to be the color of the room in famous restaurants. Just take a look at many fast food restaurants. The interior design of those restaurants are often painted or decorated in red or yellow, including the chairs, tableware, and accent on the wall. This application is not without any reason. Red and yellow have been proven to evoke appetite.

The theory says that the red and yellow color correlates closely with food color. Fruits, cakes, ice cream, candies, and almost all foods have these colors. So, when you are in a room dominated by those colors, the brain automatically makes you think about food. As a result, you will feel hungry and the appetite increases.


If combined, red and yellow would form the color orange. This color can bridge the blend of the color red and yellow.

Presenting Red and Yellow in the Dining Room

A sunny morning always makes you more excited. Why not bring the sun into the house? It is easy to do this. Simply present the cheerful yellow and red in the dining room.


Imagine when you wake up in the morning and greeted by the cloudy weather. Your optimism and spirit can be destroyed in seconds. To avoid such a thing, enlighten your home. Red and yellow are just the right colors.


Based on the color psychology, red means passion and energy, and stimulates appetite. Yellow is a color that is associated with with optimism, enlightenment, and happiness. Meanwhile, these two colors are very properly used in the dining room, where the morning activities begin.

Choose Light Yellow Wall Paint

This color is not too keen on the eye, but can brighten the room, especially, for a room that does not receive much direct sunlight.


For the next step, beautify the dining room with the color orange. Be careful in applying this color since a too strong orange can make you feel dizzy. To be safe, make orange as an accent only. Although it does not dominate the room colors, orange can change the mood of the room so that your appetite increases. So, do not be surprised if you sit there and eat the whole dish hungrily. Maybe it is because of the orange color applications.

With this dining room color choice, you will no longer be affected by weather conditions. Although it is cloudy outside, you can still enjoy a full breakfast with optimism and joy together with the sun which shines bright. Good luck!

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Editor : Munawaroh

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