Interior Lighting Tips for a Dining Room

Elegant Dining Room Design with Good Lighting - If you want to provide lighting in the dining room, one factor that must be considered is that the lighting can create an atmosphere that increases the appetite. To get a pretty good arrangement of lights, you can combine the general lighting, task lighting, and decorative lighting. If you want a modern impression in the dining room, you can also use hanging lamps and wall lamps. The use of indirect lighting with light yellow color will give the impression of a romantic and graceful atmosphere because the light doesn’t shine to the dining room directly, but reflected to the ceiling first.

Lighting in a Small Dining Room


To give a touch of good lighting in the dining room, especially the small dining room, you can install two lights as the main light for your small dining room. The lights are halogen. You can install two halogen lamps on the ceiling; near the window and near the door. The lights are directed downward.


For specific lighting, you can install the lights on the ceiling above the dining table in the forms of two or more chandeliers. The reason is, the light can fall right above the dining table. And the light effect resulted by the chandeliers make ​​the atmosphere around the dinner table more intimate.


In addition, you can also add two spot lights directed toward some displays (such as paintings and other) hung on one wall of the dining room. In that way, the objects displayed will look more alive.

The existence of good lighting can make the dining room interior design look more beautiful. Also, it will make your dinner time with family become more calm and qualified. Thus, make the most of your dining room lighting.

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