How to Use Black for a Dining Room

Black Dining Room Furniture - What colors are often associated with a dining room? Green, yellow, orange, and other fresh colors could be an option. What about black? Can we use black for a dining room?

There is no wrong or right answer in a designing a home. It is only good or bad, appropriate or inappropriate. So, the choice of colors is actually depending on your taste. Most importantly, keep considering the visual comfort of the users.

Some colors like green, yellow, and orange are often associated with vegetables and fruits. That is why most of us feel fresher when looking at those colors. Unconsciously, they will enhance our appetite. It will be different from the color blue which encourages us to take a rest. Well, then how about black?

If you want to apply the color black for your dining room, you should consider the following things:


Black gives the impression of distress. So, make sure that the room is quite spacious when using this color. You don’t have to own a large room, but simply the once which doesn’t feel cramped.


Choose one between the walls and furniture. If the furniture is black, use white or neutral color on the walls. Conversely, if the walls are painted black, you should choose white or neutral-colored furniture.


Ensure the availability of sufficient light. Abundant light will make the room feel more spacious and open. Distress caused by the use of black color will be reduced. Complete the room with fairly wide openings and bright lights at night.


Balance the room with some bright colored accessory such as cushion, table cloths, or placemats. Though small, those complementary accessories will stand out when placed on top of the black.


Because black is so dominant, it is better not to use it excessively. Choose black furniture which is not too large so that the room will not feel cramped.

Those are some tips when applying the color black to a dining room. By considering these tips, you will have a black dining room design which is attractive, elegant, classy, and not cramped.

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