How to Make Your Kitchen a Safe Place for Children to Learn - Too many appliances in the kitchen can be quite dangerous for children. Not surprisingly, most parents prefer to limit their children’s activities in this space for security and convenience reasons. But did you know that your kitchen can serve as a place for your kids to play while learning with parents?

Through a good setting, your kitchen could actually be a space that is safe and comfortable for children. Here are some tips that you can apply to turn the kitchen into a room that is more safe and friendly for children:

Always Lock the Cabinet's Doors


Children sometimes quite actively move in the kitchen, walk around, and sometimes play with kitchen cabinet's doors. This is quite dangerous for children since their hands or fingers could be pinched in the cabinet’s door. So try to always lock the doors of the cabinets.

Teach the Children


If the children are over the age of five years it means that it is their time to be introduced to the kitchen equipment that may be dangerous for themselves or for others. Teach the children about the function and the risks of each piece of equipment. Start from the very simple equipment.


You can introduce them to the knife, its usefulness, and the risks that may occur if it is not carefully used. Learning to recognize the risks that might occur could be one lesson for children to always be vigilant on what to do. Yet, still, always put those sharp objects out of children's reach.

Avoid the Stove


Always remind the children not to approach the stove though the stove is not in use. Tell the children that the stove is hot enough to touch and can cause burns. If they are always reminded to stay away from the stove, of course they will avoid the possibility of burns and so on.

Be Vigilant When Cooking


Sometimes your attention will be distracted while cooking. It is quite risky to let children play without your monitoring, especially if they are actively engaged in their activity. To avoid any bad possibility, make sure you do not put any equipment that could harm them in any place. Immediately put the kitchen equipment in place after a you finished using it. Check back to make sure there is no kitchen utensils such as knives or scissors lying in a reach of children.

First Aid


Teach the children that being vigilant is indeed necessary, but do not forget to also teach them the first aid measures if there is something that hurt them. The most common minor accident often occurs in the kitchen is burns due to hot water. Teach the children what to do if they are accidentally scalded. Teach them to immediately cool the scalded area with cold running water. It is quite important to teach the children to be independent and always alert.

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