How to Make Your Dining Room Comfortable

White Dining Room - A dining room in a house is a crucial place. Besides serving as a dining room for the family, some other events often occur in this place too, even in a limited space home. The interior design of this room is often made to be multifunction; as a space to watch TV and a space for children to do their homework.

A good interior design of a dining room is the one which has a function as what have been planned. Therefore, there are many things we need to consider when designing and decorating a dining room. The dining table can be placed next to the kitchen set on the pantry to smooth the activity of preparing meals.


Along with the development of functions in interior design of the dining room, this space can be optimized as a second family room where family members can share stories and exchange ideas while the children can study there. If you want to have a high quality time with family in the dining room, you can make this room fully separated from other rooms. You can design the dining room at a special space or joint it with another room which supports the activity. For instance, you can design the dining room in the kitchen. If you want to have a natural atmosphere, you can design your kitchen facing the garden.

In terms of lighting in the dining room, you can organize it to get the appropriate and best lighting to light the activities above the dining table. A chandelier can be an accessory which makes the room look more beautiful.

The orientation of dining activities

There are two kinds of design orientations you can do:



A centralized dining activity orientation means that all of the people sit surrounding the dining table with the body facing the table center. This centralized pattern creates a more intimate and warm atmosphere due to the two-way communication and visual contacts of the people.



In this orientation, people are sitting in a line in which all of the people face the same direction. This pattern is suitable for a small room to create a casual atmosphere.

You can choose the orientation based on the size of the space and also according to your taste.

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