How to Maintain Cleanliness of a Fish Pond

Beautiful Fish Pond Idea - Having a fish pond at home can be really fun. It can help beautifying your home as well as providing you an attractive water element, which is considered to bring positive energy according to Feng Shui. However, a fish pond requires a careful maintenance so that all of the fish live healthily and the water always looks clear.

The following are tips on how to clean your fish pond properly:

1. Water Quality

Water is the main source of fish life in the pond. If the water in the pond is not kept clean, it will certainly make the oxygen levels in the water reduced drastically. It is about the same as our life as humans. If the air around us is polluted, the oxygen levels in the air of course will decrease so it is disturbing our breathing.


Therefore, you should regularly change the water in a fish pond. Even if you use a water circulation system, replacing the pond water is the most appropriate solution to maintain the water quality. However, the frequency of the water replacement for fish pond which has a water circulation system can be done less frequently than a the one without water circulation system.

2. Check the Condition of Fish

The symptoms that appear in unhealthy fish can be seen from the behavior. Unhealthy fish will tend to breathe more quickly, which is much different from healthy fish. Sick fish are likely to be more silent in the corner of the pond, and when you give them food, they will ignore it.


You also should pay attention to the entire body of the fish. If there is a red spot like a blood and mucus on the fish’s body which looks excessive, then the fish are in an unhealthy condition.


If your fish are already experiencing the above symptoms then the best way is to separate the fish from the pond to another container. This way, you can save the other healthy fish in the pond because this fish disease usually infects the other fish. Give the sick fish drugs that are sold in stores. Once the fish are in a good condition, you can put them in the pond with the other ones.

3. Get Rid of Algae from the Fish Pond


Green algae can be a nuisance for pond ecosystem. Therefore, you are required to clean up the algae so that the pond fish health can be maintained.

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