How to Blend Modern and Classic Styles to Your Home Interior

Modern Classic Interior Design - In the current trend of minimalist modern home style, it turns out that classical style also gets more popular. There’s even a classic style that is wrapped in a modern design. This style is known as a modern classic. If you want a modern classic style for your house, you can start considering the following things:

Choose the Right Color


In a classic modern interior design, color is one of the very fundamental things to consider. With color you can obtain the atmosphere your desire. In this classic modern style, colors like beige, white and ivory look very dominant. To provide a more interesting look, you can combine those colors with black, gray and brown. Although you can freely choose any color you like, it is suggested that you use the colors mentioned before as the main color of your house.

Furniture Selection

Furniture has a big role in creating the modern classic feel. For this one, wood furniture is the perfect choice. Wood also can create the impression of an elegant and warm interior. That’s why wood becomes a must material in a classic style interior design. Make sure to always choose furniture made ​​from wood in your classic modern décor.


In terms of the furniture shape and design, choose the one that is simple and minimalist. This design will give a touch of modern style to your home. Placing a sofa in the living room will give a modern impression. But you should choose a sofa with beige, white or ivory as the main color.

Room Decoration


To support the classic modern style, you can put heavy curtains on the window. Choose a matching color with the color of the room. This decoration will make the room look more elegant. The use of carpet can also give an interesting impression. The carpet can be placed in the living room, dining room, bedroom or other rooms. But be sure to choose the right colors and patterns. With the right colors and patterns, your interior will reflect an elegant and graceful impression.


You need to know that modern style and classic style have a contradictory character. Modern style tends to be simple, while the classic style tends to look more complicated. It requires precise calculations to blend the two characters is in the interior design of the so-called classic modern style. With the proper blend, you will have a timeless, elegant and luxury home design.

Author : Yuniar

Editor : Munawaroh

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