Feng Shui Tips to Bring Good Fortune to Your Living Room

 Homlovely.com - The science of Feng Shui deals a lot  with many aspects of property in a complex and very detailed way. No wonder many people ask Feng Shui experts to specify their home design so that the home can bring good fortune to their life.

The living room is one of the main rooms of a house. Here we discuss how to design the interior of the living room in order for it to invite positive energy, thus bringing you good fortune.

Living Room Floor 

In the principles of Feng Shui, you are advised to make a simple look for your living room floor. You should not choose to apply irregular patterned floor even though you think it is unique and interesting. In the science of Feng Shui, a plain floor from wood or ceramics with only one color is enough. That way your house will invite good fortune.


Artistic stuff which is synonymous with irregularity or a lot of patterns on the floor can invite negative energy, the energy which everyone avoids.



For a minimalist home design, you should choose ordinary or simple ceiling. Yet, if you have a luxurious or classic home design, you will have various options of ceiling design. In the science of Feng Shui, an irregular shaped ceiling will invite negative energy, moreover when you hang a lot of ornamental items on it. It would be good if you only install a crystal chandelier with a simple design style.

Living Room Interior

It is very important to consider the Feng Shui of the living room interior layout. Sofa and tables should be well arranged. In Feng Shui, it is suggested that you arrange the furniture to face each other or to make a circle. Thus way, good fortune and positive energy will come to your house.


Do not put the sofa or table in an irregular position or in an L shape position because there will be an empty space filled by the negative energy.

Your sofa should be comfortable to use; soft yet sturdy. A curved and round sofa is recommended. And, again, do not choose a sofa with a sharp part since in the science of Feng Shui, a sharp or empty space will make positive energy go away from house. This principle also works for the table, in which a curved or round shape is more recommended.

Living Room Main Door


Main door is also closely related to Feng Shui. The main door should be quite large so that everyone can access it easily. It is a good idea to arrange the interior far from the main door. When there is something interfering with the main door, then positive energy will go away.

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