The Right Baby’s Room Arrangement According to Feng Shui

White Pink Baby's Room and White Furniture - Babies require a quiet, safe, and harmonious atmosphere in order to grow and develop perfectly. All of this can be obtained by arranging the bedroom properly. In Feng Shui, a balance with nature can be realized by creating appropriate room layout system. This balance will then bring goodness to your baby. Here are some tips on the proper arrangement of baby’s room according to Feng Shui:

Wall Color


For a baby’s room, you should avoid using colors that are too energetic. Instead, choose calming colors like the color pink and blue, pink and yellow, green, beige and white. The aim is to make your baby sleeps easily. Then, also avoid the use of color combination between white and black for it can be tiring for the eyes.

Wallpaper and Bed Linen Patterns


For bed linen and wallpaper, avoid the sharp patterned one such as the patterns of crosses, arrows, diamonds, triangles, etc. These patterns can sharply affect the physical health of the baby. Also, avoid the use of wallpaper or bed linen with pictures of wild animals such as lions, tigers, bears, and reptiles as it may interfere with the baby’s respiratory system. You can choose pictures of funny and tame animals like rabbits, squirrels, chickens, kittens, birds, and puppies.

Room Location


Avoid placing the baby’s room close to the neighbor’s house, family room which is crowded and noisy by the sound of the TV, car port, empty space, mirrors, and electronic goods. Keep large objects with sharp corners and edges away from your baby’s room. If you have no other choices rather than putting a big closet in the baby room, point the sharp corners to the wall.

Beds / Cribs


The baby bed or crib should be in a position where you can easily reach the entire contents of the room and the door, so that the baby will feel safe because he/she knows anyone who comes into the room. Check the energy that goes into the baby’s room. Do it by throwing a ball in a straight line from the door to the baby’s room. If the ball hits the crib, it means that the energy flow is not good for your baby. Then place a hanging toy right above the crib to enhance your baby’s mental, spiritual, and emotional development and growth.



Create balanced lighting in the nursery, which is not too bright and not too dark. Use blinds to adjust the light in your baby’s room. Too bright lighting will make your baby not sleep well so that the development and growth will not be optimal. Conversely, if the room is too dark, your baby can potentially suffers from breathing problems.

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