7 Cozy and Chic Boho-Scandi Interior Ideas

Homlovely.com -- Houses with the boho scandi concept are still widely discussed because of their beauty. Not only that, the concept of a boho scandi house is also believed to provide comfort for its residents because of the natural color selection, the many windows for circulation, and also the neat and simple arrangement. For those of you who are interested in applying the boho-scandi concept to your home, check out the following article about 7 Cozy and Chic Boho-Scandi Interior Ideas.



Living room ideas

The living room is one of your opportunities to give other people a positive impression of your home. Decorating the living room beautifully will make other people give positive feedback and make you more confident to receive guests. In this living room, natural color choices are a mainstay that provides a calm and comfortable atmosphere. There is a television that you can watch with your family. The surrounding furniture is also neatly arranged and well organized.

Small spot for relaxing place

In this house there is also a relaxing spot in a small area. Nonetheless, this area is nicely decorated in a Bohemian style, which can be seen from the distinctive weaves in the decor and furnishings. You can talk casually with your family in this area.

Stairs decoration

The area around the stairs has a look that is no less attractive than other areas in the house. There are wall paintings that are made as decorations, so they don't take up much space. Several small shelves were also added to make the plants more tidy. Not only that, this area is also equipped with a hanging chair that is made to blend with the stairs.

Bedroom ideas

Switch to the bedroom, still using soothing natural colors. The decorations and furnishings are also chosen with a distinctive Bohemian motif. To make the bedroom more lively, there are several plants placed on a wall shelf above the headboard.


Kitchen ideas

This kitchen looks charming by using a white kitchen set that makes it look clean. The use of several plants placed in the corners of the kitchen set to make the kitchen more fresh and beautiful.

Balcony ideas

This small balcony is made as a comfortable and beautiful relaxing spot. The walls are lined with woven wood that looks natural. The selection of the sofa is also adjusted to the size of the balcony it has. Don't forget to add some plants that make the small balcony have fresh air.

Bathroom ideas

Even though it is small, you can work around this by designing windows that are able to let light in better and make the room feel more spacious. Not only that, this bathroom also arranges plants neatly on the wall shelves vertically.

That's 7 Cozy and Chic Boho-Scandi Interior Ideas.  for every home that you can make as the best reference. From some designs above, which one is your favorite?

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