6 Important Things to Decorate a Bridal Room

Romantic Bridal Room Decoration in Red Shade

 Homlovely.com - For every newlywed couple, the bridal room is everything. In that room the special moment between you and your partner will be created.

Well, maybe many of you let other people to handle your bridal room decoration. It is fine to do, given the limited time and energy in preparing the D day of your wedding.

However, are your sure that other people  really able to create the atmosphere you desire? If not, maybe you should set aside time to decorate your bridal room on your own.

Here are six important things for you to decorate the bridal room:

1. Discussion


It is important to discuss everything with your partner, since it is your and your partner room. Avoid excessive different ideas. You and your partner should be open to the idea of ​​each other.

2. Theme and Color Selection


After having a discussion with your partner, now it is the time to choose the right theme and color for the bridal room. You can choose whether you want to have a simple, glamorous, casual, or romantic feel in the bedroom. For color, psychologically, they can evoke something, whether it’s passion, romance, or relaxation. You can choose red, white, golden yellow, purple, green, and others.

3. Bed Linen, Curtains, and Mattress


This is related to bedroom fixtures. It is better if you choose a bed linen with a smooth material such as silk and pillows with a soft texture to create a fun memorable moment between you and your partner. For the curtains, you can choose a floral pattern to add a romantic feel. Choose lightweight and soft curtain material, such as satin. For the bed, choose a large size with a wood or metal bed frame.

4. Flowers


Your bridal room will feel incomplete without the presence of  flowers. Flowers, in addition to beautify the room, can also evoke the impression of romance and be used as an air freshener in the bridal room. However, you should discuss it first with your partner. It would not be good if your partner is allergic to certain smells. It will ruin your special moment instead.

5. Bed Decoration


Decorate the bed to beautify your bridal room. You can use fabrics with neutral or soft colors, like the color white. To add a romantic impression, you can wrap a white cloth on the corners of your bedroom.

6. Lighting


Set the light in such a way so that you can have a comfortable and romantic atmosphere. It should not be too bright or too dark. The right bedroom lighting will bring a positive mood for you and your partner.

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