4 Basic Principles for Married Couples’ Bedroom Feng Shui


Bedroom for Married Couples

Homlovely.com - To create a harmonious and happy family, the whole layout of the rooms in the house have to follow the rules of Feng Shui. Feng Shui teaches us to optimize our home in order to capture as much positive energy as possible. For married couples, especially newly married, the layout of the bedroom should be adjusted to Feng Shui principles. They would spend a lot of time in the bedroom, so if the bedroom layout is not good, they will live a not happy married life. Here are basic tips about bedroom Feng Shui for a happy couple.

Design your bedroom as beautiful as possible. Avoid negative impressions such as wall cracks, leaking or faded paint. Marriage is a new spirit in a person’s life. Therefore, do not let the atmosphere of the bedroom brings negative energy for your newly formed family.

Design your bedroom with sufficient space, not too narrow and not too big. A too narrow room will disrupt air circulation and positive energy. You and your partner, as the occupants, will also feel claustrophobic and oppressed, so both of you tend to get angry more easily. A too big room will create distance between your and your partner. The warmth of the household will not be enough to cover the room.

The Bedroom is the biggest secret storage space. Homlovely.com

The bedroom is the biggest secret storage space. Laying the window facing out is very good for air circulation and lighting, but leaving it open without a curtain is a mistake. Outsiders can see the contents of your household just by seeing through your bedroom. So, beware.

Bedroom door is another important thing to consider. Do not place the door right facing the legs of the bed. Positive energy coming into the room can be driven out with the bed legs facing the door. It also affects the psychological reactions of people who first open the door. Instead of happy, you might feel shocked or offended when suddenly seeing your partner once you open the door. In addition, do not place the door across to the body of the bed, because the positive energy can be easily driven by the bed body. It would be good if the door is placed against the wall and not in line with the bed, so that positive energy can easily move in the room.

The essence of Feng Shui for bedroom is to design a comfortable room for the occupants. A stuffy, cramped, damp, and filled with dirty air will certainly affect the occupants’ feeling and health. A soft and attractive bedroom design is the perfect bedroom for a warm couple. A good bedroom Feng Shui will also keep your secret and maintain your honor.