New Cascade Blueberry Bushes Are Perfect For Hanging Baskets And Small Gardens - Blueberries offer sweet fruit in summer and easiest fruits to grow yourself. And you can grow the Blueberries in hanging baskets for efficient and easy care. Then, look these New Cascade Blueberry Bushes Are Perfect For Hanging Baskets And Small Gardens. Check it out!

Growing Blueberries in Hanging Baskets


Usually, Blueberries come as small starter plants. You may want to get three plants to fill up a 12 to 16-inch hanging basket at  first. Growing into mature size of about 18-24-inch tall and wide, you can move them into their own hanging baskets or containers. Use potting mix made for acid-loving plants, and only use pots with drainage holes.

Blueberries Produce


Cascade Blueberries take 2-3 years to begin fruiting after their first year. Some type need more than other, so they can cross pollinate to produce fruit. However, they tend to produce more fruit when you grow at least two Cascade plants together or near another high bush blueberry variety, so they can pollinate each other. Cascade blueberry bushes also require 450 chill hours in order to fruit. 

Caring the Blueberries in Hanging Baskets


Cascade Blueberries can survive the winter outdoors. And it prefers full sun or at least 6 hours of direct sunlight. Watering the blueberries two or three times a week, or whenever the soil feels dry.

Sweet Fruit and Fall Color


After the flowers appear in late spring, fruit will start ripening in June. Cascade Blueberry has a more classic blueberry flavor. In the fall, Cascade Blueberry has a pretty dark burgundy red color. And then an abundance of bell-shape white flowers in the spring.

Pretty Cascade Blueberries for Home Decoration


Eye-catching fall foliage, Cascade Blueberry that grow in hanging basket or container suitable for home decoration. You can put at tabletop or hang  the Cascade Blueberry at ceiling for efficient and pretty looks.

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