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Homlovely.com -- The house has 2 important parts, which are commonly referred to as the exterior and the interior. The exterior is usually well-designed to give a good impression to anyone who sees it, while the interior is usually designed to provide comfort to the occupants inside. The interior area is a part that is more intensely used for various family activities, so decorating it properly will make the comfort more optimal. For ideas that you can use, see the following reviews about Home Decor - Interior Ideas with Beautiful Plants.



Living room

This living room idea with abundant plant decorations seems to give freshness and distract anyone who sees it. The plants that were added to the living room were chosen in various sizes that were kept neat with the right arrangement.


Family room

In addition to the living room which has fresh greenery decorations, this family room also has a look that is no less attractive. The use of plants as decorations is placed on a display rack above the television, so that it can create an interesting view at one point at the same time.


Relaxing corner

Don't let your leisure time end unpleasantly at home. You can create a special spot to relax. Take advantage of the empty space in the corner of the room by adding a sofa and some wall decorations that will enhance your appearance, and you can use it as an interesting photo spot.


Bedroom design

Adding plants to the bedroom is known to have many benefits, including cleaning the air and making sleep better. In this bedroom, the addition of plants will make it feel integrated with the natural concept of the room. You can also add some hanging plants to give an interesting view before going to bed.


 Kitchen design


This minimalist kitchen design with the choice of white color looks attractive with the addition of an LED strip that is installed in the area around the kitchen wall cabinet. Not many plants are added to the kitchen. This is intended so as not to interfere with the mother's activities in the kitchen. Some plants are considered sufficient for decoration as well as air fresheners around them.


Bathroom design

Lastly, there is a fresh bathroom with some plants placed on a wall shelf. For the selection of plants in the bathroom, you must pay attention to the right type so that they survive well in a humid bathroom temperature.



That's Home Decor - Interior Ideas with Beautiful Plants. for every home that you can make as the best reference. From some designs above, which one is your favorite?

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