7 Coffee Nook Ideas to Refuel Your Space and Shelf


Homlovely.com -- Drinking coffee is a routine that is increasingly favored by many people from time to time. The sensation is calming, making many people unable to leave a cup of coffee every day. That would be the reason for many people to have a coffee nook at home. You can of course make it in various styles. For some inspiration you can get, check out the following review of 7 Coffee Nook Ideas to Refuel Your Space and Shelf.


 Classic style


The first idea that you can imitate has a simple and classic look. The use of wooden sideboards as storage jars and several jars can be a hallmark of this area. Additional wood on the wall can also be used as a shelf that is functional and stylish.

Use mini cabinet


The coffee nook on this idea looks attractive by using a mini kitchen set that can be used as coffee stock storage. In the adjacent area, it is also used as a place for plants that will be a fresh view when brewing coffee.

Dominant white color


Of course, you can't ignore the appearance of a coffee nook that is still in your home area. Like this one idea, you can use white, which looks clean and tidy in your classic-style house. Other furniture with white color will support the appearance of the more leverage.

Cool corner coffee nook


You can enjoy coffee at the same time in the coffee nook area comfortably. This idea can be an interesting inspiration by providing chairs and tables that don't take up much space. You can also provide some reading books to accompany your cup of coffee.


Simple furniture


The most important thing when you have a coffee nook is to adjust the furniture based on the existing area so that it doesn't disturb other areas that are more important. You can also combine it with the kitchen or just adjacent to the kitchen, so it doesn't take up much space at home.

Using shelf


One of the important pieces of furniture to maximize the coffee nook area is to use shelves that can fit several cups and several jars. This will make it easier for you to find coffee and glasses when you want to brew it.


Sofa as relaxing corner


 If you want to choose a relaxing area, that can coincide with the coffee nook area. You can place comfortable shelves and sofas in the corners of your empty space. Put a few sachets of your favorite coffee and sugar as stock.




That's 7 Coffee Nook Ideas to Refuel Your Space and Shelf. for every home that you can make as the best reference. From some designs above, which one is your favorite?

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