7 Best Landscaping Idea with Rocks in the Garden

Homlovely.com -- Having a beautiful garden will of course be the main attraction for the appearance of the house. The existence of a garden that you have will provide freshness and a view that is not monotonous on the home page. Apart from plants, you can also add rock to the garden for a more interesting element. For some ideas about gardens with rock, see the following article on 7 Best Landscaping Ideas with Rocks in the Garden.


 Desert garden landscaping

This park looks beautiful with a desert concept that combines rocks and some plants such as palms. The use of white stone in the middle adds a unique and creative impression.

Interesting use of patterns

The interesting pattern in this small garden is made with a variety of stone colors. Not only using stone, but also using a barrier so that the stone remains in its area and forms a beautiful pattern. Placement of plants in pots will make the garden look neat.

Dry garden in the yard

The presence of a stone in the middle of the garden seems to be an element that makes the surrounding green garden appear more varied. As a border, this garden uses stones with a natural brown color to surround the white rock in the middle.

Smart combination

The combination of stones with plants makes a charming landscaping in the garden. The presence of stones that surround the plant, the more it gives a creative impression on the garden.

Simple and beautiful

Although it looks simple, this garden presents neatly arranged stones and stepping stones. Not only that, this elongated garden also has neatly shaped plants to give a refreshing touch.

Walkway to home

The garden in the front yard of this house has a beautiful arrangement by adding small stones for the path to the terrace of the house. This will create an attractive appearance and beautify the house as a whole.

Help absorption

Not many plants are used in this garden. The dominance of stones that are neatly displayed will make the garden area look cleaner and neater. The use of stones can also help better absorb water so that the garden will not stagnate when it rains.

That's 7 Best Landscaping Idea with Rocks in the Garden.  for every home that you can make as the best reference. From some designs above, which one is your favorite?

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