8 x 10 M Tropical Farmhouse Design that Feel Warm and Fresh

Homlovely.com -- The farmhouse style home design will be very harmonious when combined with a tropical touch that feels warm but still fresh. The following are home design ideas that you can use as inspiration. Check out 8 x 10 M Tropical Farmhouse Design that Feel Warm and Fresh.

House facade design

The facade design of this house looks very calming with a fresh garden in the courtyard. There is a porch that extends and is given a railing to keep it safe for anyone to access. The roof design uses a gable model that is made high so that it will make the room feel more spacious and not stuffy.

Side view

For the side view, this house design has a functional area by making it a service area which is also equipped with a small roof to keep it shady. The owner can cook outdoors for a more relaxed dining atmosphere in the afternoon.

Living room design

Entering the interior, there is a living room with a sofa, rattan chairs, bean bags, and a small table to provide a more relaxed and homey atmosphere. The living room is decorated in a distinctive tropical style. The monstera and palm leaf paintings look very stunning and blend in with some native tropical plants in the surrounding corners.

Kitchen design

The kitchen area and dining table also apply a fresh look with green combined with softer and more natural colors. Wooden furniture in the dining area also makes the room feel more beautiful and warm.

Floor plan design

For the floor plan design, this 8 x 10 meter house has several rooms such as a living area, dining area, kitchen, bathroom, wet kitchen, laundry area, and 3 bedrooms. For details of the floor plan and size, you can see in the picture above.






Author    : Hafidza
Editor     : Munawaroh
Source   : Stacked Panda


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