Small House 2-Storey with 4 Bedroom -- A 2-storey house will look amazing if it has the right design, even if it's not too large. For example, this one home design idea. The modern look makes it look stylish and feel spacious. For details, check Small House 2-Storey with 4 Bedroom.

House facade design

The facade design of this house has a modern appearance dominated by glass that can be seen from the exterior. The flat roof model that it has also makes the design of this house look very dynamic and suitable to be combined with the style of the house it has.

Living room design

For the appearance of the interior design, there is a living room near the stairs which looks spacious with a large stationary wall corner. Sofa with soft colors looks very bright when the light comes in from the window. If you like a shady space, additional curtains will be perfect for this area.

Dining room design

The next area is the dining room and kitchen which are made close together. Both of these areas have a comfortable space for activities and the presence of a glass door to the backyard makes for the best view when having breakfast with the family. For other details, this room looks minimalist and clean.

Floor plan design

This is a detail plan and size that is owned by the first floor. There are several large rooms such as a living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, and also one bedroom.

Second floor design

Meanwhile, this is a detail of the second floor plan design. There are only a few rooms, namely 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. What's interesting about the second floor is that there is a balcony which allows the owner to relax in a more calming atmosphere.





Author     : Hafidza
Editor      : Munawaroh
Source    : Tiny House Design
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