Roof Deck Small House Design with Interior Pictures

The design of a house with a roof deck is very popular and makes this design much liked. The following is a house design with a roof deck that has a bungalow touch which is perfect for living with family and has a look that makes the owner feel more confident. For details on the design, check Roof Deck Small House Design with Interior Pictures.

House facade design

Let's start looking at the exterior design like the front facade. The facade design of this house has a unique appearance and has very creative details. Apart from using white as the main color, the design of this house also has a natural stone texture on some of the walls which makes the look look more natural and not monotonous.

Roof deck design

In addition, for the roof design, several models are combined to make this small house look very beautiful. There is a flat roof combined with a gable roof that does not have too sharp a slope. Apart from that, the most interesting thing is the roof deck which can be accessed using a spiral staircase. This roof deck makes the house feel more functional and allows the family to relax with a perfect view.

Rear view

For the back, the design of this house is made functional by presenting a service area. Placement in an outdoor area will be very appropriate because it does not take up space in the house and makes a small space feel large when outside the home. This area also has a small roof that keeps this area shady even though it's outside the house.

Living room design

For interior details, let's start looking at it from the living room. The small size of the room is offset by the clever selection of furniture and arrangement. The simple furniture design makes the room feel more spacious. Meanwhile, the partition is kept slightly open and makes the room look still united with the other parts but also remains focused on their respective functions.

Kitchen and dining area

The next area is the dining room and kitchen. This room has a wider appearance with no partitions. There is a dining room with white tables and chairs that look neat. As for the kitchen, it uses a navy-colored kitchen set which can give a livelier look to the room.






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Source    : RABE Design
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